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Get the right answers you need for all your legal matters from Robert J. Miller in L’Orignal. You can expect trustworthy legal service as we work to protect your rights. Get straight answers from Robert J. Miller for questions you have about your case. Remember, he is always a phone call away at 613-362-1036, 24 hours a day.


Some frequently asked questions are:

Q) How much will it cost to defend me?
A) Depends firstly on whether you plead guilty or not guilty - preparation for a trial consumes more time and is more costly. Secondly, it depends on how complicated your case is. A case with a 30-page file costs a lot less than a case with thousands of pages. The cost will be fully assessed in consultation with the client. As always, the initial consultation is free.


Q) Will I go to jail?
A) This depends on the Crown’s position and the circumstances of the case. I’ll take all the necessary steps required to ensure that my client does not serve jail time. Sometimes, jail is unavoidable, and sometimes, jail is not appropriate.


Q) What is going to happen if I have a criminal record?
A) A criminal record is a terrible thing to have. It is a black mark on your character that never really goes away: full pardons no longer exist, and records can prevent you from getting a job, entering another country, working as a volunteer, and driving for one to many years.


Q) What will happen to me if I am convicted of impaired driving?
A) You will lose your license, be fined, and possibly be sentenced to a jail term. In addition, your insurance will increase substantially for as much as six years.


Q) Why should you hire me?

A) Experience, trust, credibility, and a good work ethic.

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